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    NipNap Dark (10 pcs.)

    Goodbye to greasy fingers Cutlery for chips, sushi, and snacks NipNap are funny in uses Hold on the middle and

    By Mille EffortLess earrings in sterling silver and gold-plated

    Three beautiful organic circle shapes composed in the design of these beautiful and playful earrings. The name EffortLess is a hint that we should remember to play and put the worries away once in a while. The jewelry exudes worry-free play.

    By Mille Vibrant Flow earrings in sterling silver and gold-plated

    The VibrantFlow earrings are a design where shape and structure are combined in both a fluid metallic and a simultaneously soft and wavy expression. The earrings are made for occasions where they definitely create a little extra eye-catcher. They are not exactly discreet. The earrings crawl a little up the ear and cover the earlobe, which they beautifully bend over. The earrings are thus very three-dimensional and sit beautifully on the ear. A super-sophisticated design that exudes elegance and confidence.

    By Mille Vibrant Flow – finger ring in Sterling Silver or 24 carat gold plated

    Vibrating and fluid are the two keywords jewelry designer Mille Hammer has worked from in this series. Hence the name. The finger ring has a super-modern look, almost a bit futuristic while playing a lot with the organic look. Thus, the designer shows us the interest in the encounter with contrasts. The soft, undulating and organic in the encounter with the metallic, fluid, and futuristic. The jewelry in the series is produced in limited quantities and you can thus be almost certain of not bumping into others with the same ring. Unless of course your best friend gets inspired by you and hurries to get hers.

    By Mille Black’n Bright – finger ring in Sterling silver

    The most beautiful statement ring. The Black'n Bright ring consists of a wealth of small and larger silver balls that appear both dark and light. If you wear this feminine ring, you radiate surplus, joy, imagination, play and adventure.

    Anti Ageing Day Cream

    Effective day cream with CBD that brings your skin to the perfect balance 50 ml.