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Month: July 2020

Visit Denmark

Welcome to Denmark! We’ve put heart and soul, hygge and a little of the wonderful Danish everyday into this website, so you can see for yourself how we Danes do life and holidays. Because we are (in case you didn’t know) some of the happiest people in the world. And we...

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Denmark on Wikipedia

Denmark (Danish: Danmark, pronounced [ˈtænmɑk] (listen)), officially the Kingdom of Denmark,[N 10] is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. LINK


Once we were brutal Vikings. Now we are one of the world’s most peaceful societies. Welcome to Denmark. Denmark

The 10 Most Iconic Pieces Of Danish Design

Denmark has a long history of quality design, mainly focused on functionalism and simplicity. Combining different industrial technologies, Danish designers have managed to radically change public perception of design from something seen as reserved only for artists and professionals to something enhancing everyday life. We discover more about ten of...

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