By Nielsen The Best of Denmark



Explore Denmark 

The culturally rich city of Copenhagen has plenty to keep visitors busy for many days, but it’s also ideally situated for day trips to a variety of other interesting and scenic destinations in Denmark and beyond, bringing to mind knitted wool sweaters, colorful snow-topped houses and warm hygge vibes. Travelers interested in...

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World-famous Danish design

Simplicity, functionality, and elegance – these are the basic aspects of Danish design. Nature is often part of the inspiration, and sustainability is key. Furniture, architecture, fashion, and jewelry are areas in which Danish designers excel. Continue Reading…

International House Copenhagen

Established in June 2013, International House Copenhagen is a public-private partnership specialized in the reception and retention of international talents. The objective of the house is to provide international citizens with the best possible start to life in Copenhagen by giving them the comfort of a one-point entry. LINK


It is a sensory journey through the life and work of one of the most beloved architects in the world. From Jacobsen’s childhood as a creative and restless boy who wished to become an artist, to his studies at the academy and the establishment of his first studio as...

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