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Investor Opportunities

By Nielsen Investor Opportunities

We founded By Nielsen as we saw that while Denmark has many big companies that have been successful globally, Denmark also has a very large pool of small to medium-sized businesses creating a wide range of medium to high-end products, which they successfully sell in Denmark but often don’t have an International platform for.

With our Web store, we aim to create exactly such a platform, a Web store where All Danish businesses, with shippable products, can place their products on.

We then focus our work on creating exposure, PR and sales opportunities for these companies and their products worldwide.

Our Web store is the first of three By Nielsen projects, the second project in the pipeline is to open multi-purpose outlets combining Bakeries, Café’s, Restaurants, Bars & retail into single units, and the third project is boutique hotels, all projects with the unique concept that everything will be Danish.

We are actively looking for investors for all our three projects and would be delighted to hear from you should you wish to discuss our By Nielsen projects.

For more information on By Nielsen projects and investment opportunities please email us on