There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

By Colin Powell
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Jari Nielsen
Founder & Co-Owner

Jari is a hotelier with over 25 years’ experience, his work has given him exposures to many different cultures from living in places like England, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Qatar.

He has worked in some of the best hotels in the world like Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen, St. Regis in London and the 7-Star Burj Al Arab in Dubai

In his work he is well known for attention to detail as well as always working on creating the best possible environments throughout his hotels.  He believes the teams satisfaction is equally as important as customer satisfaction. He works with the philosophy that everyone is equally important to succeed.

Jacob Billede

Jacob Hillebrandt
Director of Marketing & Co-owner

Jacob has over 25 years experience in graphic design and Marketing.

Jacob is renowned in the Copenhagen area for his reputable and notable work within the industry.