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The Bear

6 magnetic pcs. Old Mr. Bear. Faithful. Cosy. Relaxed. When it comes to life lessons, you want to hang with good ol’ Mr. bear. He’ll tell you stories from end to end. He also loves to listen. When storytime comes, make sure to bring a big jar of honey. He’ll appreciate that.

The Crocodile

Magnetic crocodile consisting of 6 pcs. Barbaric. Uncompromising. Hungry... always hungry. The snappy ruler of the river. He is not very tall, but what he lacks in height he makes up for in speed. If you are not careful and keep your distance, you can quickly lose an arm.

The Duck

5 magnetic pcs. Comforting. Cheerful. Free. With her casual attitude, Mamma duck always lifts the spirit of others. No matter where, she’s always there for you, ready to take you under her warm wing.

The Duckling

3 magnetic pcs. Joyous. Confident. Happy. The little duckling is always in a remarkably good mood. No matter how many times it tumbles and falls it always keep on going. With great spirit and full of confidence.

The Giraffe

6 magnetic pcs. Thoughtful. Reliable. Calm. The giraffe always maintains an excellent overview of the situation. The great overview is followed by an enviable calmness. When things get rough, you can count on the giraffe.

The Gorilla

Magnetic gorilla consisting of 6 pcs. The Alpha Male. Majestic. Magnetic. Magic. He possesses great strength, but he rarely uses it. But you should not get too close. And those arms... Be aware!

The Little Bear

2 magnetic pcs. Brave. Kind. Resourceful This little cub is independent by nature and he is always protective and looks out not only for himself but also for his family and friends.

The Little Crocodile

2 magnetic pcs. Energetic. Fearless. Lively. This little fellow is full of life. His level of energy is inspirational and sets him off for a life full of adventure. He may be small but he will grow up to rule the river.

The Little Elephant

2 magnetic pcs. Playful. Curious. Enthusiastic. This Little Elephant loves to fool around. He is always totally absorbed in his activities and flaps his ears when he is happy.

The Little Giraffe

2 magnetic pcs. Bright. Ambitious. Adorable. This one just can’t wait to grow up. She longs to be big and tall like her Mama. Every morning she looks at her reflection in the water to see how much she has grown.

The Little Ostrich

2 magnetic pcs. Friendly. Fun-loving. Spontaneous. She is fun to be around and like her mother, her joyous mood puts a smile on the faces of everyone around her.

The Little Penguin

3 magnetic pcs. Cute. Adventurous. Fearless. This little nestling (as baby penguins are called) turns everything into an adventure. Learning to stand, walk, eat, live. To the baby penguin, every moment is a journey in itself. The baby penguin never stops exploring - a skill that all adults should remember.